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We offer a new level of affordable luxury. High-quality materials and amazing playability make our ukulele a joy to own. 

Makaio means “Gift of God” in Hawaiian. 

Ukulele Magazine<br>
Ukulele Magazine

“…from the first strum this ukulele delivered the “amazing playability” promised by its creators.”

Our Ukulele Features

Makaio Ukulele Quality Wood

Quality Woods

We’ve sourced the highest quality tone woods that provide an amazing sound and visual appeal.

ebony fretboard

Ebony Bridges and Fingerboards

Ebony has been used on quality instruments for a very long time, and for good reason. Ebony is a very dense wood that provides a very warm tone with articulate mid-range and highs. Sometimes there are lighter streaks in it. 

Makaio Ukulele String Thru Bridge

String Thru Bridge

Our String Thru Bridge design allows for maximum vibration of the top as the string passes all the way through the top. While it may look difficult to change the strings, it’s actually quite simple.

Makaio Ukulele Comfort Contour Bevel Arm Rest

Comfort Contour Bevel Armrest 

Our rosewood comfort contour (available on the 20 series) provides a super comfortable playing experience.

Makaio Electric Pickup

Electric Pickup

Makaio Ukulele utilizes the Double Under-Saddle active pickup system with the volume and tone controls discreetly hidden inside of the sound hole.

Ultra-Thin Finish

We use a paper thin gloss finish that allows the wood’s natural tone to shine through while providing amazing looks and feel.

Scalloped Bracing

We use the tried and true method of lightweight scalloped bracing to provide a nice full voice to the ukulele while keeping it nice and light.

Smooth Action Geared Tuners

Our Smooth Action Open Geared Tuners provide great tuning stability and classic good looks while adding very little weight.

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Choose your favorite from our 10 or 20 Series.

Makaio Ukulele - 10 Series
Makaio Ukulele – 10 Series
Makaio Ukulele - 20 Series
Makaio Ukulele – 20 Series

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